Ashley Ekelund

Ashley had the mountains as her backyard and all the freedom to roam a kid could imagine. From an early age on, hiking, camping, backpacking and all things natural have been an important source of energy, grounding, and growth for this nature lover and long-time social activist. 

With an educational background in International Development and Non-Profit Management, Ashley has organized, led, and worked on service projects in all corners of the world with organizations such as Rotary International, Developing World Connections, and VIDEA. 

Now more focused on teachable moments in our natural environment, Ashley has worked as an outdoor tour guide in the Rockies and Western Pacific and spent 5 years in the outdoor adventure travel industry. She now works as an environmental project manager with the BC Conservation Foundation. Committed to preserving the beautiful spaces she calls home, Ashley is thrilled to be serving as the Secretary on the LNTC Board of Directors.