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Lucas Grolleau

Lucas Grolleau is of Swiss and has been living in Quebec for 7 years. Involved in the outdoors from a young age, he grew up partly in the Swiss mountains, a place he regularly visits with a backpack on. His idea of happiness: discovering the Edelweiss, a 2500m high in the Alps, facing a steep mountain range, surrounded by friends and family. Trained in management at HEC business school, Lucas had several entrepreneurial experiences in Europe, particularly in communication and in the music industry, before moving to Quebec with his family and children. Outdoor guide for Sepaq, then manager of a tree-top adventure park and currently coordinator of operations of a natural park, he advocates personally and professionally for values such as the respect of others and of the environment. Particularly interested in outdoor ethics and wishing to bring his strategic and field experience in tourism and leisure to the movement, he decided to join the board of directors of Leave No Trace Canada in 2019.